Transforming the Crypto Offramp Experience for IndiGG Users

IndiGG is India’s largest gaming DAO, primarily aiming to onboard gamers worldwide and provide them with earning opportunities. When IndiGG approached us about processing crypto to fiat transfers for their users, we knew Saber would be a perfect fit for a vast crypto community like theirs. With the help of Saber’s APIs, IndiGG could convert thousands of users seamlessly in no time.

The Story of IndiGG

IndiGG was started as a division of Kratos Studio, a web3 gaming firm, to provide a community to web3 gamers in India, providing them with monetizing opportunities, and in no time, it became the hub for 500M+ gamers of India to the Web3 gaming ecosystem. To boost it further, they decided to bring on board promoters who can help them grow and reward them for their efforts.

With the decision to onboard promoters (users) for IndiGG came the challenge of providing fiat money to the users. IndiGG rewarded the users with INDI tokens, a crypto token native to the IndiGG ecosystem. However, when the users wanted to use their rewards, there was a roadblock, as they needed fiat money for most of their transactions rather than INDI tokens, and hence came the need for IndiGG to provide a crypto offramp to fiat currency for their users.

Building the User Base

Due to the users’ inability to process the crypto rewards to fiat currency, they were reluctant to join IndiGG. That was when IndiGG reached out to us for our Offramp solution.

All they required to do was a few clicks and tweaks in their user interface, and boom! Our APIs were all set to be fired for their users.

Once our APIs were integrated with their dashboard, the users could withdraw their rewards directly into their bank account without hassle. This not only improved the user experience but also helped IndiGG gain the trust factor of users in ownership of their rewards.

Secure and Efficient Transactions

Once the users were onboarded on the platform, some remained doubtful about the security and efficiency of the funds held in cryptocurrency.

To overcome this, we implemented AML and Sanction Checks on all our transactions, providing an additional layer of security to the users and our clients, checking and verifying every transaction.

Instant Payouts

This solution offering was further empowered by facilitating instant payouts to users’ bank accounts.

If there was an unavoidable delay in receiving funds, the users became hesitant about their funds getting struck. Our instant payouts enabled IndiGG to maintain this confidence with their users, having more than 95% of all the transactions processed within 5 minutes.

Smooth User Experience

A smooth and efficient experience is valued the most when it comes to the user. Our entire product offering was integrated into one to assist IndiGG and enable them to provide such an experience.

We took care of everything from KYC to offramp initiation to the final bank transfer. The user had to follow a simple journey on the IndiGG platform, and it was done without even redirecting them to numerous pages and asking them irrelevant questions at each step.

The Final Outcome

Over just a few months post-deployment, IndiGG successfully catered to thousands of their users, with transactions over millions processed by Saber.

“The Offramp services offered by Saber significantly boosted our offerings and helped us provide a smooth experience to our users”, said Manish Agarwal, Founder of IndiGG.

The example of IndiGG clearly shows how the right product can boost your growth significantly, with a comprehensive use case and validating the need for a product like Saber in the market. Such successes with our clients encouraged us to add further product offerings and expand our services to multiple markets.

If you are looking for a crypto onramp/offramp for your business or your users, contact us today.