Seamless B2B Remittance and Payments for CopperX

CopperX and its Barriers

CopperX, a prominent player in the B2B remittance and payment landscape, recognized the growing demand for cryptocurrency integration within their platform. They envisioned a future where users could send and receive payments, seamlessly accept crypto payments, and convert them into usable fiat currency. However, their existing solutions presented a significant hurdle — a lack of scalability for fiat withdrawals. This limitation restricted CopperX from reaching a wider audience, particularly those who preferred the flexibility of converting their crypto earnings into fiat.

Traditional solutions struggled to efficiently process high volumes of fiat withdrawals, creating bottlenecks for CopperX’s growing user base. Further, the inaccessibility of fiat off-ramps restricted the platform’s appeal to users who preferred to convert their crypto earnings into INR.

Efficient Conversions through Off-ramp

Saber partnered with CopperX to bridge this gap. By integrating Saber’s robust off-ramp platform, CopperX empowered users with effortless fiat conversions.

  • Users can now seamlessly convert their crypto earnings into INR through Saber’s secure and efficient platform.
  • Saber’s infrastructure is designed to handle large transaction volumes, ensuring smooth fiat withdrawals for individual and institutional users.
  • This integration caters to a broader audience by allowing users who prefer fiat settlements to participate in the crypto ecosystem.

By enabling seamless crypto-to-fiat conversion, CopperX attracts a broader user base, promoting platform growth. It also streamlined fiat withdrawals to provide users with a more convenient and efficient experience.

Quick Integration

Saber’s integration process is designed for ease and efficiency. Through our comprehensive SDK and APIs, CopperX can effortlessly integrate Saber’s off-ramp functionality into its existing platform. This eliminates the need for extensive development work and allows CopperX to focus on core business operations.

Beyond the core off-ramp solution, Saber offers features that add further value to CopperX’s platform. These include secure KYC and AML solutions, ensuring utmost security.

The Bottom Line

The collaboration between Saber and CopperX demonstrates the power of innovative solutions to bridge the gap between the crypto and traditional financial worlds. By providing a scalable and user-friendly off-ramp platform, Saber empowers CopperX to cater to a broader audience and offer a more comprehensive suite of financial services. This collaboration paves the way for increased crypto adoption and a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

If you are looking for a crypto onramp/off-ramp for your business or your users, feel free to get in touch.