Enabling Alternative Investments through Cryptocurrency for Pysé

Pysé, a green investments platform based in India, aimed to offer its users the opportunity to invest in sustainable and green projects using cryptocurrencies. However, they faced a challenge catering to users who preferred transacting in crypto rather than fiat currency. Recognizing the growing demand for crypto-based transactions in the green investment space, Pysé sought a solution to expand their services to include crypto transactions while ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining user security.

Pysé: Sustainable Investments through Green Assets

Pysé stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the investment landscape in India by pioneering sustainable and green investments through cryptocurrency. Founded on the principles of environmental consciousness and financial innovation, Pysé provides a cutting-edge platform for individuals seeking to align their investments with their values of sustainability.

Obstacles to Alternative Investments

Pysé’s platform was restricted to users comfortable with traditional fiat currencies, excluding a potential pool of crypto-savvy investors. This limitation hindered Pysé’s ability to tap into the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle for environmentally conscious individuals. Furthermore, Pysé lacked the infrastructure and expertise to seamlessly integrate fiat to crypto transactions into their platform while ensuring security and regulatory compliance.

Seamless Investments through Onramp and Offramp

Saber offered a comprehensive solution to Pysé’s challenges. Through Saber’s robust SDK and APIs, Pysé seamlessly integrated crypto transactions into their platform, enabling users to invest in sustainable projects using cryptocurrencies through fiat.

Pysé’s platform now allows users to invest in green projects seamlessly using cryptocurrencies purchased through fiat currency, expanding their investment options. By offering these payment options like UPI and bank transfer, Pysé expanded its user base to include individuals who preferred transacting in cryptocurrencies, tapping into a broader market segment.

Saber facilitates the conversion of fiat currency into crypto, enabling users unfamiliar with crypto to participate in the green investment opportunities offered by Pysé. Saber’s user-friendly platform integrates seamlessly with Pysé, providing a smooth and intuitive experience for crypto-native and traditional investors.

Saber’s integration also facilitated KYC verification and AML checks, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities. By automating these processes, Pysé minimized manual intervention, reduced operational costs, and enhanced user trust and confidence in their platform.


Through Saber’s partnership and integration with Pysé, users gained access to a seamless and secure platform for investing in sustainable and green projects using fiat currency. Saber’s robust infrastructure, coupled with Pysé’s commitment to sustainability, has created new opportunities for environmentally-conscious investors to participate in the crypto economy while positively impacting the planet.

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